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Tattoo technologyTattooes develop while ink in the skin is injected. This is made by a Tätowierer with the help of an electric tattoo machine which sounds like the drill of a dentist. The tattoo machine has a needle which moves up and down and stings several thousand times per minute in the skin. With every sting a drop of ink is left behind in the skin.

Aufgrunddessen is mostly thought with tattooes to a long and painful process. This thought is often very deterrent and many people want to agree aufgrunddessen no tattoo. To be able to understand better the tattooing process, a short look at a small part of the human anatomy must be had first. The skin exists of two layers: the epidermis and the Dermis. The epidermis is the external layer of the skin; the part we see and touch. The Dermis is a deeper horizontal layer.

While tattooing the ink is deeply injected in the Dermis. Because the epidermis every day loses a large amount to cells, a better place is the Dermis for the ink. Otherwise the tattoo would be only temporary, for example, by the separation of hair or skin scales. If the ink is stung, nevertheless, in the Dermis, the tattoo holds lifelong.

Also the technical aspect must be considered. The tattoo machines from today have different basic components. Sterilised needle, reel system, electric motor and foot pedal are some of it. The needle is fastened to the machine and is dipped in a container with ink. The ink is distributed by the insertion of the needle in the skin. The foot pedal is extremely important for the tattoo machine because it steers the vertical movements of the needle. It resembles a pedal which is used with sewing machines.

One of the biggest doubts with regard to tattooes was always the safety. As usual, if it is about sting wounds, the risk of an infection or illness exists. Because of these risks tattooes are always put under the focus safety. Tätowierer always use an infertile equipment and Einweg materials and they pay attention to the right hygiene to guarantee safety for themselves and her customers.

After design, body place and colour was chosen, the skin is dotted with the tattoo machine, so that ink is injected. The required period around a tattoo completely to sting, the tattoo takes down on the Aufwändigkeit and the size presentation.

Before to you the tattoo is stung, washes to itself of the Tätowierer always the hands with soap and water and checks itself for grazes and cuts. Afterwards he cleans and disinfects his working sphere. Meanwhile he ordinarily explains to you why he this acts and how the sterilisation process runs off. As soon as the surroundings are cleaned, he gets the equipment from the infertile speakers. After the Tätowierer has opened everything, he shaves the place in the tattoo should be stung and she disinfects with water and soap.

Pain while tattooing completely depends on your delicacy. Some people say that it feels like pinching, while feel it other than light jump-off. Their pain delicacy, the body place, the size of the tattoo and the experience of the Tätowierers considerably contribute to it as painfully it becomes. Above all if you can be stung a tattoo at a sensitive place, it will probably hurt a little more than, otherwise.

Pain is a part of this experience. Still it is often not so badly as from many is expected. Many people already a tattoo have, feel the process rather as annoying than painful. In many cases the most disagreeable part is this long sitting still in the same position.

Tattooes are provided by a process which is similar to dotting. A row of points generates the picture of the tattoo. Several closer lying together points create a darker and solidly appearing picture. If the points further außeinander lie a brighter picture or a shadow effect develops.

The Tätowierer cleans the tattoo during the jump-off and over again as soon as he is ready. Afterwards he gives some ointment on the tattoo and covers it. He will as explain to you as you should pay attention to it and what you can do and not act. If you have some questions concerning this, you should not hesitate to put this, because the aftercare is an important part of the tattooing of process.

An association is put on, because this protects on the one hand the tattoo and it can also come to light bleeding. Keep home to all instructions, so that no scars form and the picture is not distorted. Also the risk of an infection is reduced if you give on your new tattoo Eight.

The technology to the jump-off of a tattoo has not changed since the beginnings a lot. One supposes that in distant past sharp osseous pieces were used to generate tattooes. Today powered needles transport from the tattoo machine the ink in the Dermis.

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