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Tattoo target groupsEven if tattooes could expand her incentive and her spreading in last decades, they are not immediately liked with all people. Nowadays though tattooes are found in all social classes, but they are welcomed, nevertheless, still long not by everybody. For one they are a great kind of the selfrepresentation and for others they are a taboo as ever. Most are either for it or against it.

Above all the younger generation has grown fond of tattooes. So at least one tattoo studio is close to places with universities and schools also mostly. For many youngsters the visit in the tattoo is a studio more an experience of life, as that it is for them about the art itself. The comparisons and selecting the design, as well as tattooing are often made in company by one or several friends.

But also members of the older generation are for tattooes and use this to recapture sometimes around her youth or to stick to these. Also here it is doubtful whether it really around the art goes. Rather the surroundings of the tattoo are for many rather studios which mostly moulder and rather youthfully is furnished and the young people who stay in it engagingly. Above all in tattoo the studios which also finds offering Piercings one not seldom somebody to older ones which shells out stencils by the tattoo and is surrounded by a group of youngsters whose are twenty or 30 years younger than he.

Certain groups, gear or sects use tattooes to mark members. People already once in the prison were are also often tattooed. The fact that these tattooes are almost always only coarse pictures and no pieces of art, is primarily due to the fact that most of these tattooes were stung in unsanitary relations. Instead of tattoo ink cigarette cinder is used and instead of professional needles what is just sharp to the hand. Each knows a lot itself with tattooes, can easily recognise the difference between tattooes which were stung by a licensed Tätowierer or by imprisoned.

The reason for the bad call of tattooes, lies above all with the people who carried of early tattooes. Above all with squids one saw often indecent art and also drug dependent and other socially remarkable people belonged to the clientele. Also the fact that tattooes contributed to the propagation of many transferable illnesses like syphilis puts tattooes not exactly in a good light.

Moreover, numerous studies have proved that most Soziopathen have a tattoo and this is the biggest common characteristic between them. In addition, a known crime film has put up author during an interview the assertion that every serial killer with whom he has spoken carried several tattooes. For many people tattooes have no negative Nebenbedeutung. However, for others tattooes are often a visible sign for a personality disturbance. For the latter everything has in tattooes a completely other purpose and another meaning than for the majority.

Soziopathen refuse everything what in general as a satisfactory behaviour is looked. On account of the fact that tattooes still have a little bit negative in themselves they exercise a special incentive on people with serious personality disturbances. For these people the jump-off of a tattoo, primarily, an aggressive kind is to be fought against the conventional one. Some use tattooes to mediate in addition around a tough or hard image. Somebody connects of the nevertheless tattooes with stiffness and hardness, very probably shows also aggressive behavioral trains.

If one considers all facts, it is no miracle that tattooes have thus a bad reputation. Though most people can be stung a tattoo not for negative reasons or without cryptic motives, the knowledge still lends that tattooes a widespread standard is under Soziopathen and serial killers, the thing a less desirable breath.

Nowadays one finds tattooes, nevertheless, in every social class. No matter whether businessman, farmer or housewife, tattooes have become, in the meantime, a part of the everyday life and are for a long time no more sign for personality disturbances or the similar.

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