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7037c34a37cbBefore tattooing the stencils which show the plan of the tattoo must be made. There are such stencils to shop ready, but of course you can provide this also yourselves. Should the case be latter, sketch on paper only a black white issue, copy this and form the second one then only in colour.

So that the tattoo stencil reaches the skin, need matrix paper and a thermo photocopier. Moisten the skin at the place to be tattooed and lay the matrix paper slowly on the skin.

The ink must point down, so that a nice and well-arranged plan develops. Before is begun with tattooing, this plan must dry and the customer must be contented with the order, the appearance and the adjustment.

Plans provide

If the stencil is right ready and the customer also as you have taken a comfortable position, the plan is tattooed. This is so important because it is the scaffolding of the entire tattoo. An unsuccessful plan leads as a rule also to an unsuccessful tattoo. Before you begin with tattooing, check the tattoo machine and think always forward or sidelong of tattooing. The necessary pressure and therefore the continuous river of the ink is thereby guaranteed.

Also the skin must be tightened, while you the hand which the tattoo machine does not hold in addition use to pull the skin tightly. Tattoo on untense and loose skin the tattoo would destroy piece of art.

With most tattooes the plan is black. Dip, therefore, the needle of the tattoo machine in the black ink and switch on the machine then. The accumulator should be filled with ink, so that for a longer time can be tattooed and the first lines are finished.

Check every now and then whether it weak or indistinct lines gives and correct this. Try to make long movements and think of it on time the point anew with ink to befüllen, so that this does not dry up. Avoid to strong pressure and begin with lines always from above.

After the construction of the plan you check this nocheinmal to make sure that no repairs are necessary. In the connection you can also make a small break, before you begin with the Shading or the completion of the tattoo.

Shadowing and Shading

Shadowing is Shading with black ink. Shading is called translated shading and gives something to a tattoo certain. If, however, it was run down, this can lead to the failing of a tattoo. Shading is an art form which demands beside technical skills also the knowledge about lighting effects and shadow throw. This area of the Tätowierens needs most practise and is a big hurdle on the way to the professional Tätowierer. Who is to be performed able good Shadowing and Shading works, belongs not only to the gifted Tätowierern, but can also mend some mistakes.

With the Shading the 4th or 6th Shader needle and the matching needle point is used as a rule. The needles stand out approx. 8 mm with the point. Also it is begun only with the darker black areas of the tattoo and is done in advance to the brighter places. If you with the right rotations work avoid the black ink distributing everywhere.

Avoid the same place shading several times, because you can damage, otherwise, the skin. Also the pressure on the needle point should not be too high and the skin must be dabbed after every finished area and be examined for perhaps necessary repairs.

While tattooing the following colour order should be kept to get no murky and matt colours, but a colour-intensive and best possible tattoo: Dark lilac – blue – green – bright lilac – brown – Red – orange – Yellow – white. Between the single colours a few minutes should be waited, in addition, so that they can have an effect.

Here you find tattoo Outlines plans!

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