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04_33Because a tattoo is a decoration for life, should be thought before enough about it. The design should be something that signs out not fast or is soon out. With the time it can be that the tattoo grows pale or the edges blur and it needs a revitalisation. In the course of a revitalisation an enlargement can be carried out at the same time. If you do not like the old design any more, you can allow to cover it also.

Revitalisations are made for different reasons. One of the most frequent reasons is to be missed to the tattoo a new, fresh look. Tattooes with the time have grown pale, can become thus aufgebessert, so that they look as freshly stung again. Anew applied fresh lines smooth every kind of blurrings in the edges. To lighten the design additional colour can be used.

In the course of a revitalisation you can allow to improve in appearance of your original tattoo also. This can be reached, for example, by adding of colours and new motives. A black tattoo can become even nicer while to themselves in the background more coloured details consider. Colours can be applied about the old black ink and a great effect is generated therefore.

Tattoo extents of offset are made often if the preceding motive is wanted no longer. If a woman has, for example, a tattoo with the name of her friend and the respect goes years later to the breaks, the tattoo would still remain for the rest of the life. Revitalisations can change the appearance of a tattoo completely and parts they are wished no longer steal.

Tattoo revitalisations are as necessary if the real tattoo of bad quality is. Tattooes they were stung by amateurs, are mostly refreshed or covered. These old tattooes are often small or have thin lines, so that they can be easily covered.

Even if there is no preceding tattoo, are made on the occasion of extents of offset. In these cases no tattooes, but scars are covered with art. Millions have to cover tattooes around scars which should be visible no longer because they are to be looked not nicely. Provided that the scars are not too big or the skin not too big damage was added, an extent of offset can be made. For big scars only very good Tätowierer can sketch something this fits.

If a tattoo revitalisation is required, it is to be searched most importantly for an excellent and very gifted Tätowierer. A revitalisation or extent of offset is successful only if you have a Tätowierer, that the ability has to integrate an existing tattoo into a new or other design.

Most Tätowierer have no examples of carried out revitalisations for looking are displayed. To see this you must often ask especially for it. Pay attention then particularly to the details and compare exactly the old tattoo to the new one. It should not be applied simply a big tattoo on a smaller one because the old tattoo will easily still shine through behind.

Although tattooes are lasting, they can be covered and be freshened. Nevertheless, about revitalisations it was reported that they are a little more painful and that often several visits are necessary in the tattoo studio to the design is ready. Still there is this possibility and if they have found an excellent Tätowierer, the result should become astonishing.

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