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tattoo-needle-2Tattoo needles are every now and then the most important part of the equipment for tattooing. Tattoo needles become from health, as well as for working-technical reasons uses mostly only once and if then only in the same customer twice. This is due to the fact that the needle must be sharp and straight as an arrow in a flawless state, so, so that with her good results can be achieved.

The required tattoo needle is soldered to the needle pole of the tattoo machine. With the needle poles one makes a distinction like with the needles between liner and Shader. Lasting ones the Shader a level end here have where the needle is soldered, needle pole is rounded the liners at the end.

This is due to the fact that liners are used for the production of the plans or for the demarcation of different designs. For thicker lines and lines there are, for example, 3rd needles or 4th needles. However, Shader are used to the Shaden. Because often a big surface of the skin must be covered with ink, there are them, for example, as 4th and 6th tattoo needles.

It is important that you control the contact with the tattoo machine in such a way that you would not run the needle too deeply, however, also not too level in the skin. If the right depth is not reached, the colour does not remain at the right place or not at all in the skin. Therefore you use if necessary more ink and also the design will not look so great. With too deep stings it comes to reinforced bleeding and also the customer will have to endure more pain than commonly.

The right depth find

A really stung tattoo deposits the ink in the second skin layer, the so-called Dermis. That is a tattoo is seen, actually, through the external skin layers and the first skin layer (epidermis). Every customer has different skin, so that in general seen the depth amounts between 7 and 1.5 mm. Exceptions are possible of course.

You can recognise the too level insertion if excessively a lot of ink comes out again of the skin. To deep insertion will let you on the one hand the customer notice if has these too big pains or if it comes to strong bleeding during the jump-off. Also here helps, as usual, only Practice, practicing and over again Practice.

For the needle poles as special needle points are required, so that you can also work with the tattoo needles and matching needle poles. For a 4-needle Shader group you need, for example, the 4-needle fitting to it Shader needle point.

Beside the differentiation between Shader and liner, it is distinguished with the needle points also between round and square points. Ink splashes avoid round points, let arise, however, with bends if not carefully it was worked broader lines. Square points are limited in her freedom of movement, nevertheless, sharp corners generate.

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