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Daniels Tattoo machineThe real Tätowiervorgang can begin with the tattoo machine. With the help of this the ink is transported in the skin and the piece of art accepts therefore shape. Even if the tattoo machine takes over this work, the tattoo creates of the Tätowierer. To be able to unfold completely your skills, you must understand the technology and approach of the tattoo machine. Only then they can use this actually and also if it sometimes needs a lot of your skill, time and patience, tattoo.

There are tattoo machines in different implementation, for example, for liner, Shader or Filling works and look partly also quite different. Because they fulfil, however, everybody the same purpose, most parts are same. To these belong the standard connecting points to the connection of the electricity supply and the pedal switch and a place in that the needle goes through, as well as the matching devices / Lötansätze for the fastening of needle points and needle poles. Other parts would be the machine frame, reel set, front spring and rear spring, contact plugs and others.

With these parts the tattoo machine can move the needle up and down, so that the uppermost skin layers are opened and the ink can reach in the skin. The job of the Tätowierers is to be held the tattoo machine in such a way, to lead and to steer that the desired designs and motives on the skin develop.

To be able to use properly the tattoo machine, is important to know like she works. Only if you know this, gehts to the practise. Though the tattoo machine stings the needle in the skin, but you are to be led for it responsibly the tattoo machine to create therefore wonderful pieces of art. For it above all the right stop of the tattoo machine is important. Because not only women have other hands than men, but there also with the same gender differences is you should select to yourselves a model which you can hold in regard to size and weight very well in the hand.

Take the tattoo machine round the needle point, while you hold the cord clutch like a pencil. Pay attention to the fact, that the open needle point of you wegzeigt. The weight of the tattoo machine should be shifted in such a way that the large part on the rear part of your hand lies. At the beginning it will hard fall to you to hold the tattoo machine for a longer period in the hand. This is quite normal. Nevertheless, after sufficient practicing the suitable muscles form and the more often you work with the tattoo machine, the lighter it will fall to you.

While tattooing your hand rests about like with the writing with a pencil on the surface of the place to be tattooed. With the palm you turn and move the tattoo machine then in the suitable directions. If you have the trick out and the tattoo machine can behave, it is to be stung of light tattooes. Also the tattoo machine must be bent in a 45 degrees of angle. If you hold the tattoo machine in the right position, your hand will rest automatically as just mentions on the skin.

Important rules for the contact with tattoo machines

Right angle – The size of the angle must amount to 45 degrees, so that ink can become in the skin injeziert. Too more level or to precipitous angle leads to the fact that the ink comes out again of the Punktierung and the ready design can look distorted.

Right depth – If you too deeply in the skin sting is more painful of the Tätowiervorgang on the one hand for the customer than, otherwise, and the bleeding is stronger. To level jump-off, however, the place scratches only and the colour cannot keep in the skin.

Right preparation – even if it is a lot of expenditure you practice the tattoo machine up and down to build, as well as to sterilise the different parts and to compose, so that in the case of emergency nothing fails.

Order of the palm – with the palm the tattoo machine is controlled and stabilised. Freehand leading can lead to odd and verzitterten lines and shadings.

Practicing, practicing, practicing – will need a professional and gifted Tätowierer you a lot of practise in dealing with the tattoo machine. Only if you have appropriated the necessary knowledge and after long long practicing in tattoo skin, you can think of it tattoo on real skin to try out.

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