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Kak-luchshe-vsego-ispolzovat-tatu-oborudovanie-vyiyasnyali-hudozhniki-v-HabarovskeIf you want to open a tattoo for studio, need a lot of equipment. Of course everything cannot be enumerated at this point, particularly as every tattoo studio has different demands, but in the following you find the most important Materialen, so that you can begin with tattooing. Use, moreover, in your tattoo studio as far as possible no carpets, because these breeding places are for bacteria. Also it is to be covered helpfully different devices and materials with special plastic foils to protect them against dirt and dust.

Tattoo tools

Tattoo machine – Seldom one single tattoo machine is sufficient for all Tätowierarbeiten. For example, one can be used for the plans, another for shading and again another to the in colour creation.

Mains appliance / electricity supply – To be able to operate the tattoo machine.

Pedal switch and clip of corduroy – to the connection of the pedal switch with the Tattomaschine and therefore to the control of the tattoo machine with the foot.

You should have coloured ink – above all black ink, however, also a big choice in coloured ink always ready. The ink is in ink bottle, with differently big contents (e.g., 30 ml) which can be opened about a screw cap or be closed.

Colour caps – In this the ink is filled while tattooing. Every customer should have own container for his ink.

Colour cap holder – So that the required colour caps on her place remain and do not tip over.

To hold needles, needle poles, needle points – different needles for the different tattooing works, as well as needle poles and needle points around odere several needles.

Lötmaschine, rustproof plumb line – to solder the needles together and to connect the needles with the needle poles.

Tweezers – To be able to work able to hold small parts lighter and to be able to work therefore better.

Pappier, pencils and colours – for the production of tattoo presentations and stencils.

 Piece of furniture and fitments

Desk – This should own a linoleum or glass surface and own place for all tools and materials which you need during tattooing.

Chair for the Tätowierer – The chair should be comfortable, so that you can also sit for longer time spans away comfortably. Rolling-cash and swivelling chairs enable to you to themselves fast and simply torn in halves and here to move.

Chair for the customer – Because also the customer must sit if necessary longer this chair should be also comfortable.

Couch – Some tattooes, for example, in the back or in the legs require that the customer must lie down what is possible with a couch.

Source of light (aimable) – With it you good view relations and lighting conditions while tattooing have, need an adjustable source of light which you can turn according to demand in another angle.

Paper cloths – You need this also during the Tatöwierens, which is why a paper cloth stand and therefore offers for the disposal also immediately a rubbish bin.

Safekeeping container – For just not required tattoo machines there are special filing racks. Also there are certain rustproof slots for needles. Those offer with 3 fields where you keep in each case the liners and Shader with the matching needle poles and in the third one the needle points. Also you need glass vessels for example infertile colour caps and similar materials.

 Equipment to the sterilisation and disinfection

Autoclave – In this thick compressed air cylinder we the large part of your equipment sterilises. In addition the equipment is put out under very high pressure steam to decontaminate them.

Sterilisation bag (autoclave) – In these bags, for example, needles and other objects are kept on sterilising. The bags should be opened only shortly before tattooing and in presence of the customer.

Ultrasound cleansing device – with this device different equipment can be cleaned. Some devices contain special tattoo articles.

Antiseptic solutions – With it the sterilised devices also clean remain.

Different spray bottles – in this are filled, for example, means to the skin disinfection, dashes disinfection and surface disinfection.

Vaseline – For stencils and the skin.

Antibiotic ointments and solutions – This are applied on the skin to the healing and sore disinfection.

Green Soap – To clean and by the preparation (! not to the sterilisation!).

Einweg shaver – Because the body place must freely be from hair are required Einweg shaver. These also use really always only for A customer.

Different association materials and plasters – How they also in hospitals are used to cover tattooes after the jump-off certainly.

Alcohol swab and Pads – to the Desinfizierung of the skin before tattooing and for clearing works (! not to the sterilisation!).

Tongue spatula – In order to apply different ointments.

Sharp scissors – best of all of steel and rustproof, as they are used, for example, in hospitals.

Latex of gloves – For health reasons a tattoo should be never stung, without you carry gloves. Clarify whether the customer is allergically on latex, so that you fall back if necessary on gloves free of latex.

With these materials studio stands to your own tattoo at least what the equipment nothing more concerns in the way. Even if it looks at first after an amount, you must not buy necessarily everything immediately all at once, but add bit by bit everything to your collection. Of course you need to be able to tattoo as the first the essentiel important objects around generally. Even if tattoo materials are generally expensive, you should not save in quality in favour of a cheaper price.

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