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Japanese-PrintTattooes are a hot subject in the today’s time. Millions different styles were stung and are sketched furthermore. But tattooes are no new trend, because there are them since eternity. Nobody knows exactly when the history of the tattooes began. The oldest known tattoo was discovered in 1991 on a mummy which is also known as a Ötzi. Ötzi is a man from the ice age him is at least 5300 years old. On his remains the forms were found by tattooes which existed of horizontal and vertical lines. The reason for his tattooes it is still discussed.

The grounds are spread mostly that the tattooes fulfilled a medical purpose. 57 tattooes of Ötzi are placed in different joints of the body. One assumes from the fact that the tattooes have developed during a sort of acupuncture, because nowadays the same places are used for acupuncture. Other ideas are the marking of the social standing, holding bad minds, ritual decorations and family index marks.

Before Ötzi was found the Russian brisk bodies which were more than 2400 years old have dug out. These mummies were found in the Altai mountains of Siberia. Instead of lines their tattooes had realistic as well as abstract forms of animals. By most tattooes it is supposed that they served only for the decoration. Nevertheless, some could have been symbols for the status or rank.

Two oldest Egyptian mummies which were dated on 2100 B.C. had tattooes. These tattooes were found only on female mummies and existed of patterns of full lines, points and lines. Because the women from this time are associated with ritual methods, researchers suppose that tattooes in certain manner were typically for this. Only speculations are natural also this.

In distant past tattooes were associated with something quite different than it in last decades the case was. Tattooes had nothing notorious or rebellious in themselves. Tattooes were left to people with high social state and were not available for the average citizen. Tattooes were only for rich and important people who often held a high political office or were from royal descent. The Swedish king Oscar and George V. Tattooes had king of England. In this era tattooes were a status the symbol which was also shown proudly.

Who looks far back in the American history, finds many Indians trunks the tattooes carried. Tattooes served, primarily, to make clear in addition family affiliations. Nevertheless, for the Polynesians tattooes were to be shown a method around own family history. In the younger American history there were many known personalities with tattooes. The mothers of Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill carried tattooes. Even if such known people had tattooes, they were still socially unacceptable for most people.

Although eastern tattooes are liked very much, many do not know that the Chinese culture looks after a strong resistance against tattooing. Are seen by the social one as well as from the religious position tattoo something which should not be made. Also today tattooes are still looked as Beschmutzung of the body. In old China criminals were punished, while they were branded with a visible sign for good as criminals.

In Japan tattooes were used first on sound figures. These figures had the form of the late people and were found in their graves. The tattooes were scratched into the look of the figures or were painted on. One says that these decorations of religious or magic importance were. The oldest figures were found in tombs on 3000 B.C. were dated.

The first tattoo documented in Japan on a person is from 297 A.D. and was shown only for decorative purposes. Tätowierer were known in Japan as “a Horis”. Horis were recognised as a master and generated even whole body tattooes.

Many years later tattooes were announced by the circus. The people who were completely covered with tattooes brought forward Künststücke. Circus company was entrancedly from the unusual and coloured tattooes of the artistes what led to a raised number in tattooes all over the world.

This shows clearly that tattooes are not unique for a certain era and are not already at all an invention of the modern world. Because even some of the oldest human remains carried tattooes, have tattoo fans from the today’s time the history on her side – tattooes are nothing “the modern”. Also earlier you were already found equally on men and women and had every conceivable form, size and colour. No matter whether tattooes had a holy purpose or served only for the embellishment, there are them already since eternity and there will be them still in an eternity.

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