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Tattooes – superficial decorations, body jewellery with meaning or an art form? With the subject Tattoos the minds separate. They are still rejected by many and on the other hand as rebellious, assozial and unacceptably disdained. It is true that tattooes for some tattoo serve bearer only for the decoration of the body. Nevertheless, this is not the true character of tattooes. Tattooes have or should ordinarily have a profound meaning. Maybe you agree though with it, but you find tattooes to call art, is a little bit far-fetched, nevertheless?

Of course every tattoo cannot be called true piece of art or every Tätowierer as an artist. But also in the art scene there are many painters and draftsmen who create though nice pieces of art and differ, nevertheless, from the true artists. Also you must say goodbye to the standard tattoo designs, as it it gives in countless implementation. Though easy roses, names, characters or other motives can look very costly and great, but with tattoo art something else is mostly meant.

Watercolour Tattooes

The appearance of watercolour Tattooes is like the name already betrays, in Auqarell paintings leant. Thus a few brushstrokes and spots of paint can prove, for example, already a great tattoo design. Even if the tattooes are stung like usual tattooes with the tattoo machine, it looks, as if an artist had painted directly with the coloured paintbrush on the skin. Of course there is also costlier watercolour Tattooes which exist not only of brushstrokes and spots of paint, but also animals, flowers and people explain in the watercolour Style., Among the rest, for watercolour of tattoo known tattoo of artists are Amanda Wachob (from New York) and Ondrash (from Czechia).

Portraits – Modern tattoos

Also very individual tattooes are portraits, for example, from own children, the partner or famous personalities. These tattooes are often complemented with other symbols or motives like flowers, dates of birth, to quotations and similar one. Modern tattoos of this kind must not contain necessarily a portrait. Also complicated Tribals can be combined with different other pictures and signs to a costly whole motive.

Realistic Trash polka tattooes

The Realistic Trash polka tattooes of the Buena Vista tattoo clubs are mostly very wide tattooes which cover the whole back, the whole arm or other bigger parts of the body. The tattooes are stung in a red tone, black and different grey tones. Big black or red surfaces, beams or lines are often in the designs. The motives which are able to be cotrained are, for example, death’s-heads, animals, Potraits, hearts and many others. Also quotations or whole texts which mediate a direct message are often included in the tattoo. The tattooes look mostly very provocative and partial also a little bit creepy and deterrent. All designs are still individual and everybody in themselves a piece of tattoo art.

Traditional Japanese tattoos

Another very artistic tattoo style is the traditional Japanese tattoo to which, among the rest, Bodysuit tattooes belong. Though there is still Tätowierer them as earlier with the hand tattoo, but, in the meantime, many have changed on tattoo machines. Traditional Japanese tattooes mostly cover bigger surfaces of the body and have the typical Asian symbols like dragons, Koi fish, Lotusblumen and similar in the design. Worldwide a name “King of Tattoo Convention” has come along in Japan where people meet Japanese tattoos and also the tattoo artist.

If you liked to have a piece of art on your skin instead of a tattoo, need an accordingly gifted Tätowierer. This must sketch on the one hand the tattoo, unless you own yourselves the required artistic abilities, and tattoo it again thus on your skin. You recognise a gifted artist by his port folio in which you should find own draughts and photos of the ready tattooes.

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