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aftercare_2They have gone to themselves and even already could be stung the perfect design? And what do you make the next weeks and your remaining life for the preservation of your tattoo? Good Tätowierer clean the tattoo after every section and apply antiseptic remedial ointment. Your tattoo as long as is thereby held healthy to the protecting association is removed. Afterwards everything lies in your hand!

As soon as the tattoo is ready, your new tattoo says you of the Tätowierer ordinarily like you have to maintain. Some of the better Tätowierer give you, in addition, a detailiertes sheet of information with all important infos. Even if the Tätowierer does not explain it to you, need to yourselves no worries make. As long as you know what you can do and what not, it is not to be maintained difficultly a tattoo.

As the first you keep on the initial protective association very long. Make from it no extreme and do not carry Him for several days. What is we mine that you wait best of all up to the next morning and take it then before showering.

If you come with your new tattoo for the first time home, you should never jump immediately under the shower. Then with the first one you should give a shower the tattoo with mild soap and water softly with the fingertips or the hand clean. Do not scrub and use no lovely soap. Before you touch the tattoo or clean, you should always make sure that your hands are clean. If you keep clean your hands, need no fear of infections have. After showering you dab it drily (yet do not rub) and you apply a protecting cream as soon as the skin is completely dry.

Different kinds of special tattoo creams sell a lot of tattoo of studio. Though these are suitable anyway perfectly, but not inevitably. Also many creams from the local chemist’s shop market are suitable. Many Tätowierer also recommend remedial ointments which support every kind of abrasion what also a tattoo belongs. A remedial ointment keeps clean your tattoo and radiant and should be used during the first pair of days. The cream holds the skin humid and relieves therefore the itch.

And nocheinmal, never rub the place too firmly, because you disturb, otherwise, the healing process. Apply the cream with your hand and distribute them easily over the whole place. There are, in the meantime, also creams with 24 hours of humidity formula. They will find out that the place remains then the whole day humid. Nevertheless, it is easy not wrong the cream in the course of the day over and over again to apply. Use, for example, the cream after the early morning shower, sometime at noon and before you go to bed. Thus the tattoo definitv will remain in a good form.

After 5-6 days you can stop to use with it the cream. Decide this, however, with the help of the state of the tattoo. An alternative would be to be used the remedial ointment during the first 3-5 days to hold your tattoo healthy and then to change on an unperfumed body lotion. They should avoid body Lotions with perfume, because they can irritate the tender skin under the tattoo.

After 9-14 days you can stop to use with it something – your tattoo should have healed. After the healing one more sore scurf can exist at some places. If this is the case, you should be careful and this never wegkratzen, because you can ruin thus your design. If you have a sore scurf, do not touch Him best of all at all. They can apply remedial ointment, because it will itch most time.

For a better longevity you should go before you outside protect the tattoo always with solar cream. If you often are outdoors or your tattoo is at a seldom overcast place like the forearm, get yourselves a day cream with solar protection factor. This offers on the one hand always a certain protection and still holds the skin humid.

They have spent a lot of money on your tattoo and with less than 10 euros you can guarantee his health and the best possible appearance. To a tattoo respect meant in the long term healthy and freely from infections to hold. If you keep to the abovementioned advice, need do not worry.

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