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urlThey want to know which accessories a Tätowierer for his work needed? Maybe you also want to seize the chance and open own tattoo studio or learn to tattoo himself. Many people them with it start to learn the Tätowierkunst do not create it, because a lot of practise and patience is required.

Unfortunately, many people stop, before they have learnt the last necessary skills. Many lack the right instructions, the knowledge and the equipment. Others are frustrated and throw, finally, the towel. However, as well as in many other things all beginning is difficult and only with a good serving of staying power you will create it.

To become a successful Tätowierer, the right accessories are also decisive beside knowledge, talent and practise. In the following you find the most important implements which a tattoo artist needs for the jump-off of a tattoo (or for the learning process), as well as for the sterilisation and cleaning not only in a tattoo studio.

Tattoo accessories in the overview

Tattoo equipment – If you open your own tattoo for studio you need a huge number of different devices and materials. Here find a small overview over the most important devices, fitments and implements which you need for tattooing.
Tattoo skin – tattoo skin is important practise means above all for beginners who would like to learn the tattoo craft. She has almost the same state like real skin and allows therefore realistic practise terms.
Tattoo machine – The tattoo machine does theoretically seen the biggest work with the jump-off of a tattoo, because it stings the needle with the ink in the skin. There are different tattoo machines for different Tätowierschritte and which are adapted to own needs.
There is tattoo needles – tattoo needles in several implementation. You have in common one, nevertheless, everybody: they are very sharp, so that they can pierce the skin and place ink in the skin. For every customer there is an unused new needle, so that she is infertile and is sharp enough.
Tattoo stencils – With it the well-chosen tattoo presentation on the skin can be applied, a stencil which transfers the motive on the skin is made. If this was appropriated, the construction of plans and the Shading or Shadowing follows.
Tattoo ink – the tattoo ink is responsible for the living and beaming appearance of a tattoo. There are them in every conceivable colour or it can be also mixed to certain colours, so that there are no in colour restrictions for your tattoo.

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