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Celtic tattooes presentationsThe Celtic art and culture is very many-sided. Even if there is different regional stamping, certain forms and patterns are typically for the Celtic culture.

Why Celtic tattooes?

The Celtic culture was spread before thousands of years in large parts of Europe. Also even today the Celts, how many other groups or epochs of the history of mankind exercise a big fascination on us. Therefore, it is not unusual that the Celtic motives which stamped the art at that time are trained in tattoo presentations.

What do they mean?

The knot pattern, the air bladders hears to the best known Celtic motives ornament, the pattern of a circle and the Celt’s cross. With the knot patterns it mostly concerns the endless knots which stand for the infinity. The Celt’s cross has, in addition, around the beams one more ring lie and is also known as a bicycle cross. Also animal motives are represented, nevertheless, these also show the typical ones winding to lines and knots on. Because there are only a little plausible traditions and a lot is exactly based only on legends and myths difficultly all symbols and patterns to be able to indicate. The Celtic tattoo presentations are predominantly black white.

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