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JKvfjknWH2cThere are flowers in the most different colours and flower forms. Flowers tattoo presentations are liked above all with women very much, because the elegant and winding designs harmonise perfectly with the female body.

Why flowers tattooes?

Every flower has her own meaning. That is if you want to provide a certain statement, simply choose the suitable flowers. Also flowers are very varied. They can allow to sting quite discreetly a single blossom or reach also to bigger designs which apply, for example, over the whole arm.

What do they mean?

While the meaning of forget-me-not is quite evident, there are also many flower kinds whose meaning is to be recognised not immediately. The flower probably most often elective for tattooes is the red rose., Among the rest, this stands for love and was consecrated to Aphrodite. The goddess Aphrodite stands for beauty and sensuousness. Roses tattooes fit very well to the female body and lend something to the elective body place certain. With flowers of tattoo you must limit yourselves not in a certain flower kind, but can combine also different flowers with each other and create therefore your quite personal statement.

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On downloading you can print out the presentations and take directly with to the Tätowierer. This offer contains 265 printable and cool presentations, for flowers tattooes which were selected by tattoo to artists of hand and were summarised to a presentation collection.

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