160 eagles and bird tattoo presentations

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imagesIn this eagle and bird tattoo presentations package 72 eagles tattooes, under it also American Eagles and 88 birds tattooes with different bird’s kinds are included.

Why eagle and bird tattooes?

Eagles and certain bird’s kinds have a profound meaning which is based partly on millenniums old myths and legends. The American Eagle is, for example, the coat of arms bird of the USA. Eagles or birds with stretched wings are ideal motives if you want to decorate a big surface or several body parts with a tattoo.

What do they mean?

No matter that winged creatures always emit a feeling of the freedom when they make a way her way by the winds in the free nature, different bird’s kinds have certain meanings. The eagle, for example, symbolises power and victory. He is revered also with some trunks as holy. The swan stands for beauty and everybody the transformation of the ugly duckling knows to the wonderful swan. However, phoenix becomes cinder and reincarnates from the cinder.

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On downloading you can print out the presentations and take directly with to the Tätowierer. This offer contains 160 printable and cool presentations, for eagles and bird tattooes which were selected by tattoo to artists of hand and were summarised to a presentation collection.

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